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Confined Space Usage

as many as


persons per day

Toilet Cubicle

as many as


persons per day

Changing Room

during peak shopping season

as many as


persons per day

Portable Toilet

during large scale event

as many as


persons per day

Passenger Lift

in shopping mall, office building, residential building
Confine Space has a very high chance of cross-contamination.
It's important to disinfection (whenever possible) after each use.
UVtro Cube has made it possible to do so.

UVtro Cube - UV Disinfecting System
for Confined Space

UV Disinfection

Micro-organisms are susecptible to ultraviolet (UV) light. As little as 10 minutes of exposure, most of the micro-organisms on the exposed surfaces can be inactivated.

No Harsh Chemicals

Micro-organisms on the surfaces exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light can be mostly disactivated. This makes the confined space's surfaces safer for the next person.

UV Exposure Dose

UVtro Cube has gone through trial and test to derive the UV light exposure timing to deactive the most of micro-organisms on the confind space surfaces.

Consistent Every Time

UV exposure time is preset. The confined space surfaces can be rapidly disinfected in as little as 10 minutes. It is consistent, reliable and fast. The confined space surfaces can be disinfected after every use. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination between different user.

Demonstration Video for UVtro Cube - UV Disinfecting System
for Small Confined Space (such as washroom)

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