UVtro UV Disinfection System

Depending on the space size, most of germs and bacteria on the surfaces can be deactivated by UV light within a few minutes.

UV disinfection does not require any harsh chemical and does not leave behine any chemical residue. Depend on size of space, it can take as little as 10 minutes to disinfect the surfaces with UV light.

Disinfection can take place during the interval after each use of the space. This reduces chances of cross infection between the users.

UV exposure time is preset and exposure time is recorded. Surfaces can be rapidly disinfected in as little as 15 minutes.
(Only for UVtro Systems & UVtro Transit)

The UVtro UV disinfecting system is designed to disinfect rooms, surfaces, non-critical equipment and devices. Ideal for disinfecting floors, tabletops, doors, handles, toilet and more.

Our solutions are developed based on reliable input and feedback from experts in their own fields. On top of that, we undergo meticulous steps to test, validate and ensure the UVtro UV Disinfecting System delivers what it promises.

Let's keep our family, friends and vulnerable individuals safer during this Covid-19 period.

Solution partnered with Tank SG

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